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NewsFlash from GWRRA


Some of you may have already seen or heard that there is change coming to GWRRA. This is to share with you the changes that will be happening and we want you to hear it from us.

Below are the links to the videos to introduce the changes. The one that says Members is for all to watch and a great place to start. If you want more details, the second video is for Officers but anyone can watch.

Here is a brief overview.

The change to our Chapters is to shift them from feeling like they had to have a meeting each month to do the "business" of GWRRA, to more of a get together to share stories, adventures, safety tips and any new information from GWRRA and then to go for a ride. Specifically, you'll see that we have taken the Rider Educator away from the Chapter. We have added a Chapter Ride Coordinator who will be an Officer of Rider Ed. This move is to facilitate a softer approach to our Rider Education Program, often called the Levels Program, and move the program promotion and administration to the District. We want the Ride Coordinator to share safety tips on riding, clothing, preparing for a ride and more in an effort to guide our Members to adopt our safe riding philosophy. Our approach will be different with our Members but our message will still talk about rider safety. Our primary goal with this change is to help our Chapters to create adventures, memories, friendships, social time and great motorcycle rides for the enjoyment of the Members of GWRRA.

Our Districts will gain some responsibilities but we want them to focus on building great memories, have adventures and great rides and enjoying the Members, while they bring a great message from the Program they represent to all of our Members, whether they affiliate with a Chapter or not. The District will open their arms wide to make certain you are included in the fun!

To be more responsive to our Members TEAM GWRRA will be engaging more with our Members and be guiding our District level of Volunteers. With this major change we have, starting January 1, 2018, removed our Regions from our current structure and opened up all Districts to interact with other Districts regardless of lines on a map. Our focus is to our Members wherever they live.

Throughout the next 6 months you'll see how some of the Programs will change and add new recognitions. Feel free to ask questions at any time to your Director, TEAM GWRRA or to me.

I ask that you follow my favorite saying from Gary Keller, "stay into curiosity and out of judgement" and open your mind to the positive that these changes can bring to our Association. I know that change can be a challenge, but together we will bring about a bright new future to GWRRA.

Thanks for your Membership in GWRRA, we appreciate you very much!

President of GWRRA

Links to Videos:
GWRRA Officers Restructure 2017-06-30
GWRRA Members Restructure 2017-06-30